Jan 2, 2012

Happy New Year: The Present (Our Experience)

 Happy New Year, Friends!!

This New Year's Eve was nothing fancy. We opted for a quiet night at home. I had no intentions of staying up to welcome the New Year, but I lost track of time trying to get things ready for Sunday and  11:45pm rolled around before I knew it. It's extremely rare that you'll find me staying up past 10pm these days. I attribute this rare occurrence of "night owling" to a late afternoon cup of coffee. The crazy part is that Silas stayed up with me! So when midnight struck Kevin, Silas, and I ran outside to witness a beautiful display of fireworks and give each other New Year kisses before heading to bed.

{Our New Year's Eve Dinner: Semi-Homemade Pizza!}
 {Silas and I'sNew Year's Eve Activity- finger puppets!}
 {Silas doing a puppet show for Kevin and I.}
 {Liam doing his favorite thing.}

{Silas and I waiting for the clock to strike midnight}

New Year's Day was a full day: church; our missionary friend, Sara Sealine, and another family over for lunch; and then a trip to Pierre Part for some family time around the fire, fireworks, and the first annual firework-powered truck race.

{Silas' learning how to use fireworks, wearing his new Dino costume. Thanks, Aunt Steph, for these awesome hand-me-downs!}

 {Daddy and the Dino}

{The trucks ready for the first annual firework-powered races. I would definitely call this an extreme sport! Ideally, the trucks are supposed to move forward, and let's just say *ahem* a couple didn't get the memo. Thanks, Brit, for protecting my child from a flying truck!!}
  We got home after 11pm. The boys were both asleep so we gently transported them to bed. Kevin and I followed close behind.Today we're catching up on cleaning and rest. 
I think New Years Resolutions will start on January 3rd this year!
{Coming Soon... Happy New Year: The Past (A Look Back on 2011)}


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