Jan 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday {Favorite Picture Books}

I recently joined Paperback Swap, which is basically a free online service that facilitates the trading of used book. After you join you're able to post used books (in good condition) that you're ready to get rid of. Other members can request those books from you. For every book you mail out you receive a credit, which, in turn, allows you to request a books from another member. All you pay for is shipping for the books you mail out. You're able to keep the books you receive forever or can can trade them again once you're done. I'm almost solely buying books for the boys so I plan on keeping them until the boys have outgrown them. 
The reason I'm so in love with this service is that there are several books that I want to add to boys' book collection. The problem is, I don't have lots of time to browse thrift stores or used book stores, and buying new books can cost $10 or more, especially for good, classic books. 
With Paperback Swap I've been adding books to Silas' collection for about $3 per book (shipping). Another awesome benefit about this service is that Silas gets a book in the mail periodically. He can now identify the wrapping, so it's like a little present in the mail every now and then! And what kid doesn't like getting mail, right? Also, did I mention that you don't even have to go to the post office to mail your books?! You can print your postage from home, wrap your book in paper, and simply drop the book in your mailbox! Easy Peasy!

So just for fun, I wanted to share 10 of Silas and I's favorite picture books. (It's always a bonus when Mama enjoys the book to, right? hehe) Some of these we've gotten from Paperback Swap and some we've been having for a while, but all are thoroughly enjoyed by the Celestin's. We'd recommend adding them to your collection to!

 Blueberries for Sal

 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Slide and Find)


Bunny Bungalow

 Daisy and the Monster 

 Froggy Gets Dressed

Make Way For Duckings

  Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book

  The Lion's Paw

 The Little Red Hen


The Monster at the end of this Book

What are your favorite picture books? 
I'm looking for some suggestions!


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