Jan 16, 2012

Weekly Goals - Week 2

Week 1 of goal-setting is complete, and I've noticed a trend. I'm much better at accomplishing family/home goals than I am at accomplishing personal goals. This is just further affirmation that mothering little ones all day leaves little time for extracurricular activities! And I'm okay with that.
I was encouraged at the Girl Talk Blog this morning about the goal of the Christian life and how being a wife and a mom is a call to radical, selfless Christianity.  I'm not saying that as wives and moms we shouldn't set personal goals for ourselves, but those goals shouldn't be our driving force. And meeting those goals shouldn't make or break us. Our main goal as wives and moms is to love the Lord our God first (Matthew 22:37-38), before all others, even ourselves (Philippians 2:4). If that is the only goal we pursue in life, we should consider ourselves successful. Everything else is just icing on the cake. 

With that said, I still believe that goal-setting is a great way to turn my desires into reality. It's one of the best ways I know pursue living intentionally in every area of my life. So I'm gonna keep going!

Here's my list from last week.
  • Have Dinner together as a Family 2 Nights
  • Date Night with Kevin, courtesy of Mimi and Pops.
  • Plan One Week Worth of Menus for our upcoming Daniel Fast.
  • Deep Clean the refrigerator.
  • Clean/Straighten out Kevin and I's Dresser.   
  • Take Down Christmas Decorations
  • Finish Reading Lord, Teach me to Study the Bible in 28 Days (almost there!)
  • Drink 2 Full Glasses of Water per Day (Yay! Probably because my strategy was to have no other beverage options in the house!)
  • Do the "Ease into 5K" program 3 Days this week (I didn't even pull out my running clothes! I'm really struggling with motivation in this area.)
  • Photograph 1 Week Night Dinner for the Blog (May have to put this off until we complete the Daniel Fast.)
  • Read Chapter 1 of Educating the WholeHearted Child (Maybe this week!)
  • Spend 10 minutes a day of Free Writing 3 Days this week (Did this one day, and enjoyed it. It's just hard to find time for uninterrupted writing.)
Here are my goals for this week:

  • Make a Thrift Store Drop
  • File Bills/Straighten Bill Box
  • Vacuum the Car
  • Straighten/Clean Kevin and I's Dresser (Take-Two!)
  • List 10 more books on Paperback Swap (details about this to come in a future blog post!)
  • Have Dinner Together as a Family 2 Nights 
  • Pray together as a family every night 
  • Open our home for hospitality for at least 1 Meal
  • Finish Reading Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days (I think it'll have taken me more like 56 days! haha!)
  • Complete the 5 Days of Homework for our Ladies Bible study (Breaking Free by Beth Moore! FYI: Bible study starts tonight @ First Baptist Church of Lockport!!)
  • Complete my Morning Routine every morning that we're home (Quiet Time, Get Dressed, Start Laundry, Breakfast with the Boys, Unload Dishwasher, Switch Laundry, Put Liam Down for Nap, Quality Time With Silas while drinking a glass of water - I gotta set a time for water-drinking or I won't do it! haha!)
  • Read Chapter 1 of Educating the Wholehearted Child (Take-Two!)
  • Read Chapter 1 of The Money Saving Mom's Budget 
I'm really going to try to work a lot of reading in this week. I know I can do it if I spend less time on social media (*ahem* Facebook *cough*) and other online reading. We'll see how it goes!

How about you? Have you set goals this week?

Visit Money Saving Mom to see what others have planned for this week!

{And remember, all the words in blue are click-able!}


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