May 17, 2012

Routine vs. Excitement

After that last blog post you may be thinking that we live a pretty fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle! So I feel the need to clear up any misconceptions about what our typical days look like around here. 
Basically, I would sum up my days this way...
Right? Anybody?
What I've discovered is that I am very much a person who needs balance in my life. And as an introvert, I'm even more content when the scales tip a little more on the "slower" side of life. I've found that I  need time to process life. I need to be able to think through situations and circumstances before moving on to new ones. When I don't have time for processing I begin to feel a little overwhelmed and chaotic inside.  Knowing this about myself really drives me to maintain a balance of excitement and routine (or rest) in our family. 
Soooo, while we do have crazy, on-the-go days at the Celestin residence, the majority of our days are pretty routine and predictable. That doesn't mean I don't feel overwhelmed a lot of those days, but that's to be expected with little ones, right?

  Do you thrive on routine, excitement, or both?
I'd love for you to chime in!


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