May 16, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

At this moment I'm sitting on the couch snuggled up next to Silas attempting to have some quiet time while Silas watches a movie. Liam is down for his afternoon nap, which is usually when I shut everything down, grab a cup of coffee and try to revive myself before the last stretch of the day.
For many, the "lazy" days of summer have either started or are right around the corner, but as a stay-at-home mom of two "not-school-age" children, the summer season kind of just flows out of spring and into fall without affecting our everyday life all that much. And in this particular season of motherhood it seems that the energy required of me remains the same no matter what the temperature outside (translation: there's nothing "lazy" about my life right now!) Take the last couple of weeks for example.

It all started when I got my wisdom teeth out...
You may not be able to tell from this very flattering picture of me, but I was really nervous about the surgery. Thankfully, everything went well. I did endure quite a bit of soreness and swelling for over a week (which is expected), but there were no complications to speak of-- praise God! Praise God for pain medication, pudding, and a supportive family as well!

The day after my surgery (Friday) we attended a wedding rehearsal dinner for Kevin's cousin, Tara. Kevin officiated the wedding, and I was the resident photographer for both the rehearsal dinner that night and the wedding the next day (Saturday). I'm thankful that I felt well enough to support Tara and her husband in that way. The wedding was beautiful, and the pictures came out pretty good despite my amateur skills! (FYI, I have NO aspirations to be a professional photographer, but I was honored to be asked to be a part of this special day.)

Sunday we had some friends over for lunch after church. We enjoyed some summer grilling, sweet fellowship, and a good night's rest that night! 

Monday we headed out to the Northshore to spend some time with our sweet friends, the Cooke's. Michael is a pastor, and Jamie is a stay-at-home-mom to three precious little ones. Needless to say, we always have plenty to talk about when we get together! 
And Silas absolutely LOVES spending time with his friend, Sawyer. The boys had a water balloon fight, which was a huge hit.

 Liam's special way of popping balloons.

 When we got home Monday night we CRASHED! I was one tired Mama! And so were the boys. 
It took us a couple of days to recuperate before embarking on another fun-filled weekend...

Exactly one week after my surgery we left for Mississippi to attend my brother's pinning ceremony at Southern Miss. He had completed a dietetic internship, which is one of the last steps required to become a registered dietician. It was quite an accomplishment for him, and we couldn't be prouder!

We spent Thursday night in Mississippi and then enjoyed some time at the Gulfport Outlet mall on Friday. Thanks to my wonderful hubby, I was able to get a few new additions to my summer wardrobe for Mother's Day. After leaving the mall we headed to New Orleans to spend time with Kevin's Mom for Mother's Day. We spent Friday night in New Orleans and most of the day Saturday. It was a rainy weekend, but we enjoyed being with family nonetheless.

Of course, Mother's Day was Sunday, and although I had anticipated enjoying our Sunday morning church service at FBC Lockport, I wound up having to leave church after Sunday School due to Liam's bout of diarrhea and a pretty nasty diaper rash. It goes without saying that he was also pretty exhausted after our long weekend. He slept for three hours on Sunday afternoon and probably would have slept longer had we not woken him to transfer him to the car so that we could head to my mom's for Mother's Day. Despite Liam's sickness, we did enjoy our time visiting with family.
Here are a few of my favorite pics from Mother's Day 2012...

The boys and I (Liam in his new ride from Mimi & Pop; Silas holding dinner aka a crawfish)

Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without kicking back and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Say Cheese!

My Mom & the boys racing down the driveway.

My Mom opening her photo book from Silas & Liam

 My Mom opening her new "Mom" ring from my siblings and I
Amazed that God blessed me with this treasure.

And these little treasures

This week we're taking it slow and enjoying our time home. My Mom came by yesterday to watch the boys so that I could get the house back in order. Let's just say, I had my work cut out for me...

 It was nice to wake up to a clean house this morning, and it's nice to enjoy a little quiet time this afternoon!

Until next time, 


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