Aug 30, 2012

Hurriacne Isaac

We're very grateful to have weathered Hurricane Isaac with minimal damage and discomfort. We made the decision to stay home and welcomed my Mom and sister to hunker down with us while my Dad stayed back to handle any emergencies at his job.

It rained a lot, and the winds were strong...

A 24-hour power outage forced us to head to the car for storm updates...

Thanks to my genius mom, we made some coffee before the power went off so that we wouldn't have to go without our morning cups 'o comfort the next day. Our love for coffee is unparalleled.

The only damage we had was to the boys' swing set. It didn't stand a chance against the strong winds. Of course, I wouldn't even consider this damage compared to what others have experienced and are currently experiencing.

Liam is napping after a couple of days of sketchy sleep, and Silas and Kevin are making rounds to check on/help friends and neighbors. I'm watching the flash flood warnings still in effect and sending prayers heavenward for those affected by the flood waters. 

Grateful & Humbled,


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