Oct 2, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts

Pasta e Fagioli @ Olive Garden
Thankful for... the change of weather that October has ushered in! I wore a long-sleeved cardigan and ate a bowl of soup at Olive Garden yesterday to celebrate.

Listening to... Tad and his friends touring The Letter Factory (Silas cartoon of choice this afternoon).

Wondering... if I can re-create Starbucks' Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher at home because it's sooooo tasty. So glad I stopped for one on our way home from the library today.

Hoping... that Kevin feels better soon. He seems to have contracted the 12-hour virus that's been going around. Silas, Liam, and I have all had it, so he really couldn't escape it.

Looking forward to... our church's Garage Giveaway this weekend! This is our second year hosting this event, which is basically a huge garage sale where everything is free. It's proven to be a great way to minister to the community.

Creating... a menu plan and grocery list. I lead an exciting life.

Reading... Holy Parenting: Making the Common Sacred  on my iphone Kindle. Good price, great awesome read.

Learning... that the season of raising little children is not at odds with growing spiritually, but that it is, in fact, a spiritual discipline. "The truth is that God is alive and active during every phase of life. Wherever God is active and at work is a holy place. Maybe the gentle grace that God has for you is to stop working so hard for these picture prefect moments to show off your family and to grow in your faith. And maybe the invitation God has for you is to relax, open your eyes and see how He is actively involved in every part of your day making the most common things sacred." (Holy Parenting: Making the Common Sacred by Banjamin Kerns).

Reminding myself... that I don't have the power to reshape the past, but I can shape the future.

Praying... that God would give me the eyes to see my common, everyday occurrences as sacred moments- moments that He is using to shape myself and my family to look more like Him.



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