Nov 24, 2012

A Simple, Frugal, DIY Christmas

Thanksgiving week the boys and I set out to create some new Christmas ornaments for our little tabletop tree. I had been pinning ornaments all year long in hopes of adding some new flare to the tree without breaking the bank. 
Having been through the toddler years with Silas, I knew that investing in pretty glass ornaments this year was NOT the way to go. And Liam is a WHOLE lot busier than his brother, so it was pretty much a no-brainer decision.

So we embarked on our DIY Christmas ornament adventure earlier in the week, and produced some keepers...

These candy cane reindeer ornaments were easy peasy and came out so cute. 
Silas helped by twisting the pipe cleaners to create the antlers and also by sticking the little red noses on.

Liam helped by snatching candy canes and running a muck around the house leaving sticky messes on everything his chubby little fingers could reach.

Our next project was to create a batch of beaded snowflake ornaments.
I gathered my shiny, Christmas-colored pipe cleaners and some beads. I asked Silas to pick out all the red, green, white, and yellow beads so that we could stick with a Christmas color theme. 
Silas promptly concluded that orange would look great on the tree and that we needed to broaden our color scheme this year.
He worked really hard, and produced some tacky lovely, colorful ornaments.
Meanwhile, I mass-produced these lovelies...

During naptime, I got to work on these paper star ornaments, which turned out beautifully. I put Christmas tunes on Pandora, grabbed a hot cup of coffee, and embraced my inner crafter. I'm hoping to make more of these in the coming weeks.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we decided to put up the tree.
When the first bulb came crashing down, I made the executive decision to ban glass ornaments from our tree for the next few years (except for a couple of special ones that will stay out of reach).

Here's a little snippet of our toddler-friendly, table-top tree this year...

And my favorite Christmas piece, my nativity set, which sits nice and high and protected on a shelf.

This week we're hoping to work on some salt dough ornaments, maybe some popcorn and cranberry garland, and possibly even some simplified felt ornaments.

But even if we don't, I'm pretty satisfied with our ornament turn-out so far.
How's your Christmas decorating coming?


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