Dec 10, 2012

Gift Inspiration: Homemade Gift Edition

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite homemade gift ideas!
We can all agree that there's something special about receiving a gift that someone took their time make. I'm sure your thinking, "Yes, but who has time for that??" I know. I don't have lots of extra time on my hands either. But I have successfully made several simple and quick homemade gifts that have been well-received. I'd like to share some of them with you!

Disclaimer: I don't pride myself on being a "crafty" person, nor do I enjoy complicated crafts. What you'll see here reflects that.

1. Ornaments

This year I tried my hand at ornament-making. I made these simple paper stars (<-- tutorial) to put on our personal tree. I was so impressed with how they turned out, that I'm considering making a set to give away as a gift. I can personalize them by choosing paper that reflects the person that I'm giving them to.
I also wanted to try my hand at salt dough ornaments (<-- tutorial) this year, but haven't gotten around to it yet (and probably won't!). Salt dough ornaments can also be personalized and would make great gifts!

2. Bread & Butter
Who doesn't like bread and butter, right? This is one of the simplest homemade gifts I've given out. Check out my Bread and Butter Board on Pinterest for lots of great bread recipes, flavored butter recipes, and ideas on how to wrap it up all nice and pretty. Simple and delicious!

3. Homemade Jewelry
I made this bird's nest charm for my Mom a few years ago, and, from what my Mom tells me, she gets positive comments on it all the time! The four pearls stand for her four children. It was simple and cheap to make and has become one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Here's a tutorial on how to make one!

4. Printable Scripture Art
The Internet offers all sorts of free printable art work. This is some Scripture art I recently printed to hang in our home. Now all I have to do is look out for a sale on a nice picture frame! I think these would make beautiful, meaningful gifts. Check out my Scripture Art Pinterest Board for lots of free Scripture Art printables!

5. Personalized Photo Book
Photo books go over well, especially with grandparents! I made this little mini book of my instagram photos a while back, and it's hands-down my favorite photo book to date! There are tons of websites that offer great deals on photo books. This one in particular comes from blurb, but I'd watch for sales instead of relying on one particular website!

6. Play Dough Kit
I'm totally giving out homemade playdough kits for Christmas this year! I haven't met a kid yet that doesn't like play-dough, and it's so easy to make! I follow this recipe with great results. It lasts longer than store-bought play-dough, has a softer texture, and it can be made in bulk! I'm going to include a rolling pin, Popsicle sticks for cutting, a homemade place mat, googly eyes (for making people), candles (for making birthday cakes), and maybe even some buttons (just for fun!). If you're buying for lots of kids, this is a great gift option that won't break the bank!

7. "I Spy" Jar
I made this "I Spy" Jar for Silas and soon discovered that it's great for car rides and situations when he's required to pass some time waiting. He can look for items as I call them out or simply call items out to me as he sees them. It was so simple and cheap to make. It would be a really cute gift for little ones in the family, and you probably already have all the supplies to make one in your home already! Here's a tutorial on how to make one.

Well, there you have it! I hope you gained a little more gift-giving inspiration today!

 What are your favorite homemade gifts?



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