Jan 20, 2013

Weekend Favs

Friday morning I just about reached the end of my rope with my little destroyer. 
Namely, Liam. 
I don't remember Silas being quite so I-N-T-O everything. I found myself cleaning mess after mess, as usual. 
Exhibit A:

This poor little goldfish that I stepped on was the straw that finally broke the camel's back.
Through teary eyes, I declared that I needed a little fresh air.
So we headed to the park. It was a gorgeous day, and we all needed the vitamin D.
Silas helped me pick some good spots for a maternity photo shoot that I was doing on Saturday for some friends.
He was so proud that he was able to help me.
He picked out a few spots of his own that he thought would be perfect for portraits. I mean, who doesn't want a tacky plastic fence in their pictures, right? ;)
I wanted Liam to help, but he had other plans.
Silas finally decided that his skates were calling.
These guys are my favs...

Silas picked me some flowers, which is also one of my favs.
 Saturday morning, I did a photo shoot with some of my favorite friends. Baby G is due anytime now! Can't wait to meet him!
I can't wait to see the little baby feet that will go into these tiny shoes... 
Baby feet are... you guessed it-- my fav!
 Saturday afternoon the cousins came over for another photo shoot!
 My sister-in-law is opening an online children's clothing store and wanted some pictures of the clothing. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I do enjoy taking pictures and blessing others when I can! The kiddos were the cutest models.
These girls are my favs...

 Silas got in on the action to. He modeled some of the boy clothing. 
He was working the camera like he was born for it!
 Look out, world!
 He got really silly at the end...

 My sister-in-law and the cousins slept over Saturday night and joined us for church on Sunday. They hung around for lunch, and my family joined us as well. You can never have too much family around on a lovely Sunday afternoon, right? I'd say that's one of favs. *wink*

What were your favs this weekend?



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