Mar 22, 2013

Four Things That Happened Since I Last Blogged

Yeah, I realize it's been a while. So, with no further adieu...

 1 ~ Silas turned four!
 Don't let this picture fool you, he perked up once it was time to open presents!
 See, I told you...
 For memories sake, I feel the need to document that we bought Silas this power ranger gun for his birthday. He had been patiently waiting for it for months, and his reaction made it worth the wait! We had a simple family party for him the Sunday before his birthday, and we had a lunch play date with a few of his friends the week of his birthday.
I printed these Ninja Turtle cupcake toppers off the Internet, and Silas colored some Ninja turtle coloring sheets for door decorations. Simple and frugal was my mantra this year.

2 ~ We survived our first tornado!
I cuddled up in bed with a cup of ice cream to watch the Oscars on a rainy Sunday night. A few bites in, the power went out. Moments later our whole family was sitting in the bathtub. I've never experienced a tornado before, and I've always wondered if I'd know it was coming. Well, now I know. Without speaking a word to each other, Kevin and I knew what to do. It felt like the big bad wolf was blowing our house down while a helicopter was landing on our roof. The good news is that although the tornado hit our neighborhood, it didn't hit our house. The powerful winds blew several of our outside toys down, but other than that we came out untouched. Praise be to God! Thanks God no one in our neighborhood was hurt either!

3 ~ We registered Silas for pre-k4!
After praying long and hard about when and what homeschooling curriculum to start Silas with, the Lord used a series of events to lead us to start Silas in pre-k4 using Classical Conversations. Silas and I observed one of the weekly classes, and we fell in love with it. During the once-per-week classes teachers introduce students to memory work in Bible, history, science, geography, English grammar, Latin, and math. They also observe science experiments, create art projects, and practice public speaking skills. Parents attend classes with their children so that they can be prepared to expound on the material during the week. For further explanation, read this article. And if this information really catches your interest, Facebook me about upcoming informational meetings in Thibodaux and Houma on April 6th!
The teacher in the class we observed allowed Silas to participate in all of the activities for the day. He caught on quickly and seemed to really enjoy it. He'll start in August of this year, at which time I'll be able to share more information first-hand. 

4 ~ Spring has sprung! And so have Cadbury Mini Eggs and snowballs! 
That would be a good thing if I had even an ounce of self-control with either of these irresistible treats! Let's hope my weight doesn't spring forward like the time did last week.

Until next time,



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