Apr 4, 2013

For when the day gets on top of you before it even starts...

 Sometimes I feel defeated before my day even starts. 

Like when dirty dishes are left in the sink from the night before...

And when there is clearly enough crud on the floor to sustain a large colony of fire ants...

And when breakfast is served haphazardly on a crepe pan because, well, the dishes...

 And when the Aloe Vera pulls a Humpty Dumpty and falls face first into the clean dishes, spilling it's dirt on the way down...

And when multiple verbal altercations occur because big brother thinks he can boss little brother around by pulling him around with an exercise band and telling him he has to be a puppy against his will.
I fight to get back on top.
It's tough.
First, I take a short mommy time-out while the boys play outside, filling my heart with truth.

Second, I take an impromptu adventure to the local produce stand for some mid-morning nourishment.

Third, I watch the boys devour two pints of strawberries and thank God for the blessing of spending my days with them.

Fourth, I pick up a store-bought rotisserie chicken, steam a bag of green beans, and make a pot of yellow rice for a quick and easy dinner.

Fifth, I make myself a glass of grapefruit-ade and soak up some much-needed vitamin C.

Sometimes the day gets on top of me, but sometimes I get back on top.

A dose of truth, a small adventure, a thankful heart, an easy meal, and some vitamin-filled hydration did the trick today.

What are your strategies for getting back on top?



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