Apr 6, 2013

That time Mama made pizza and her big boy made dessert...

I've been in a major cooking slump lately. It's kind of a problem because the people in my house, including myself, still get hungry three (plus) times a day, seven days a week. 

"Imagine that?!"

 Unfortunately, my family conscience won't allow me to serve easy mac and store-bought rotisserie chicken every night so I'm having to find ways to satisfy my family conscience until I can work my way out of this slump. 

"If only I could throw something in a pot and let it do the work for me, I would totally go that route until my inner chef bounces back."

(Can you hear the hallelujah chorus in the background?)

So my genius plan this week was to make a trip to the only place you can buy meat in packs too large to fit in a regular-sized shopping cart- SAM's!

"I'll take chicken and pork, please!"

Since we already had our fair share of chicken this week, I decided we would live on the edge and go pork for a few days. Loin, of course. We're still weight watching.

So I seasoned all my pork, threw it in the slow cooker, and sat on the couch to eat bonbons all afternoon completed the other million and one household tasks that need to get done everyday. When the pork was done I shredded it all and patted myself on the back. 


"What are we going to do with all this shredded pork?!"

Thankfully, my creative juices kicked in just as the children began complaining of starvation at just the right time.

I opened the pantry to discover a Mama Mary's pizza crust and an unopened jar of pizza sauce. 

"PORK PIZZA for dinner, kids!!"

And that's when this recipe was born.
Click here for the recipe!

Oh yeah, and send over all of your shredded pork recipes!!  Please and thank you!

In other news, Silas made dessert for the family last night!! He cut up strawberries (with a butter knife, of course), sprinkled them with lots a little sugar, mixed them all up, and served us after dinner!
I was SO proud of him!
And he was just a tad proud of himself to...


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