Apr 8, 2013

There were some pretty cool people born in April

Yesterday we celebrated the April birthdays in my family (minus Liam because he'll get his own party later this month). 

I'm so thankful for Kevin (my hubby), Luke (my brother), and Brittany (my sister-in-law). I know I'm biased, but I have some pretty awesome people in my family.

Being the "prepared" person that I am, I didn't have any regular stick candles left in my birthday party stash! All I could scrounge were some random numbered candles. We added all their ages together, but I didn't have the numbers for that. So we improvised. I think it was an appropriate number selection. 

We love y'all 365 days a year Kevin, Luke, and Brit!

One candle person please!

My babe went in for the kill!

Celebrations that involve cake are my favorites.



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