Aug 16, 2007

6-5, 6-5

6-5, 6-5—Kevin beat me in two sets of tennis yesterday. My competitive spirit wasn’t very happy. But I was humbled. I could feel my ego rising when I was up 5-3 in the second set—only one game away from winning. And then Kevin came back in a wave of crazy energy and crushed me. “Pride goes before destruction,” right? (Proverbs 16:18). But to my defense, it was HOT! What was really funny was that there were some neighborhood kids who started watching us (two girls and a boy). After the first set, they asked me who was winning, and I humbly let them know that, yes, my husband was winning. So from that point the two girls cheered me on. “Don’t worry, you’ll beat him!” they kept saying as I missed shot after shot after shot. It was pretty funny. I think the pressure got to me.

Kevin’s mom came back from a trip to St. Lucia and bought us all kinds of goodies, which we went to pick up yesterday. Among the goodies were St. Lucian fruitcake, coconut cake, cocoa and cinnamon to make more cocoa tea (yay!), fish, and breadfruit. There is a St. Lucian dish of fish and breadfruit that I love, so Kevin’s mom bought me the stuff to make it. She said she would walk me through step by step. It’ll have to be cooked tonight because it has traveled a long way and is in danger of going bad. I’ll let you know how it turns out :)

Well, back to work for me. Until next time...

Beth <><


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