Aug 13, 2007

My Hubby is Back!

Well, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I picked up Kevin on Saturday afternoon, and as I saw him get out of the van I got butterflies in my stomach like I used to when we first started dating. I was so happy to be in his arms again :)

Before I picked up Kevin on Saturday I did some grocery shopping so that we would actually have food in the house when he arrived. My Wal-Mart buggy was overflowing by the time I got to the checkout line, which of course meant I had to load all of those groceries into my car in the 98 degree heat and then unload all of those groceries up a flight of stairs in the 98 degree heat. I was worn out by the time the last of the groceries made it into my apartment, but I managed to put them all away, make a taco dip for the youth girl’s sleepover, and cook one of Kevin’s favorite meals before heading off to pick him up. Needless to say, we both needed a nap by the time we got home. Sunday was pretty relaxing and ended with a movie date to see The Borne Ultimatum (great movie, by the way).

This week feels like it’s going to be pretty laid back. It’s our last week before school starts. I registered for another student wives class, which I’m excited about. I like to keep my mind in learning mode if at all possible so that it doesn’t get lazy. And speaking of not being lazy, I should probably get back to work.

Beth <><


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