Sep 28, 2007

The Joy of Missions

I was aksed to answer the question "Why would we spend all that money to go somewhere else when there is so much need here at home?" for my Missions for Women class this semester . I thought I'd share my respose :)

I am thankful to have been able to go on several mission trips—all short term, ranging from 1 week to 3 months. I believe that my mission trips were “successful” because (1) my heart for missions abroad was enlarged, and (2) my heart for missions at home was enlarged. My first mission trip was a week in Mexico helping a small village with repairs to their church. From this trip on, my worldview was forever changed. This is one reason that I believe mission trips “somewhere else” are necessary. Seeing the needs in Mexico (physical and spiritual) gave me a growing sensitivity to the needs at home and around the world. I also believe mission trips are necessary simply because they are commanded! “Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth” are not here at home, and we are commanded to GO to these regions of our world. One other personal reason that I believe mission trips are necessary is that they increase our reliance on God. I spent a summer in Taiwan teaching English to elementary students. This was something I had never done before, and I had to put my complete trust in God to make me an effective teacher. My quiet times with God grew deeper that summer because I knew that I couldn’t go through the day without Him. It was one of the most sanctifying experiences of my life!

Thankful for His grace,

Beth <><


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