Sep 4, 2007

Summer Cold = Labor Day Blues

Labor Day 2007 is now a fleeting memory. And I guess I celebrated it correctly—not laboring, or doing anything else for that matter. I spent most of my day on the couch with acute viral nasopharyngitis! Don’t let the fancy name alarm you, it’s also known as a the common cold. My main symptom was a “nonproductive cough.” I guess my respiratory system was off for Labor Day as well *haha* I also lost my voice. I sounded like a 70-year-old smoker when I tried to talk. Thankfully, I am back at work today. I’m feeling better and my voice is coming back, but I may still be mistaken for a man over the phone.

Kevin and I spent the weekend (minus Labor Day) in my hometown with my family (minus my parents who were out of town). We enjoyed some quality time with my siblings playing our new wii nintendo, swimming, and playing Buzz Word (our new favorite game). We came home Sunday night to meet Kevin’s parents who came in to town to drop off a car for Kevin. My parents flew into New Orleans Sunday night as well so they dropped by to visit on their way home from the airport. I was so happy to have diner with Kevin’s parents AND my parents—that rarely happens due to geographical challenges. Kevin’s mom cooked some Island food and some cocoa tea, which we all enjoyed togehter. It was great. I just wish I would have been feeling better. Maybe next time.


Beth <><

P.S. Here are some Common Cold Remedies from St. Lucia that I tried while Kevin’s parents were in town:

1. Lime Juice and Honey (Not too bad)
2. Sour oranges and cod liver oil (all I can say is DRINK FAST!)
3. Hot herbal tea with honey (pretty good)

Give 'em a try!


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