Apr 25, 2008

Friday Favorite

Another quiz, and this one is hard! If you’ve ever been to a paint store you know how overwhelming it can be. So many colors to choose from! Who knew that there were THAT many shades of yellow? My first experience in a paint store I wound up choosing a color called Chestertown Buff. Now, if someone had suggested that color to me prior to having seen it myself, I probably would have responded by saying something like, “does it look anything like a cheeto?” (get it? Chester Cheetah. Anyway.) Basically what I’m getting at is that paint colors have really weird names! Just to name a few others at Benjamin Moore: Cat’s Eye, Electric Slide, Icy Moon Drops, Windmill Wings, Fond Memory, Melted Ice Cream (not sure what flavor :), Razzle Dazzle, Milk and Honey (this one must be Biblical :), and my favorite, Hot Lips! Can these color names be any more vague!? Maybe you think you’re pretty good at guessing a color based on a name. I scored 4 out of 10 on The Paint Game. How did you do?

Plum Colored Out,



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