Apr 2, 2008

Not One Missing!

“Your teeth are as white as sheep, newly shorn and washed. They are perfectly matched; not one is missing.” ~Song of Solomon 4:2

What a great pick-up line, huh? That Solomon sure knew how to charm his woman! Either that or his woman really did have great teeth! I can’t say that my teeth are as white as sheep, but I can say that not one of mine is missing either (haha). All that to say, Kevin and I visited the dentist this morning. We were both long overdue for checkups, so we bit the bullet and took the morning off to invest in our pearly whites. We were new to this particular dentist so for our first visit she just took x-rays and examined our teeth to see what work needed to be done. After our examinations, we got the printout of all the work that she “suggested” we have done on our teeth. I felt my heart palpitating when I saw the figure at the bottom of the page telling us how much it would all cost. Thankfully, Kevin and I were in agreement about only getting the necessary work done now and saving the rest for later (when we inherit a small fortune-haha). So we scheduled our cleanings and had lunch together before heading back to work.


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