Jun 19, 2008

Scratch That

Kevin and I were planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando this summer for our 2nd wedding anniversary (July 22nd). I told my doctor about it, and she said she wouldn’t recommend me riding rides when I’m pregnant, which is just about all there is do at Universal Studios. So, I canceled the trip yesterday, and thankfully, I got a full refund on the deposit. We had planned the trip thinking it would take us a little longer to get pregnant, but God had other plans—wonderful plans! It actually works out for the best because with all the car trouble we’re having and the rising price of gas, we’ll need the extra cash. Now we’re trying to think of something else to do for our anniversary. I’m thinking of maybe having diner at a really fancy New Orleans restaurant. We’ve never done that since moving to New Orleans so I think it would be fun. Any ideas for restaurants?


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