Feb 23, 2010

Birthday Party Prep

I wasn't the photographer at Silas' birthday. His Aunt Brit, Aunt Sara, and Uncle Gavin were. I'm so thankful that they were capturing moments with cameras, allowing me to actually enjoy the moments without having to worry about pictures. They'll be getting their pictures to me shortly, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share the party prep stuff. So here we go...

#1. The cake: I decided to make Silas a lion cake. His two favorite stuffed animals are his puppy and his lion. He can say both words. So I wanted to go with one of the two animals. And when it came down to deciding, honestly, I just preferred the lion. It reminded me more of Silas I guess. And the lion cake was super simple: 1 boxed cake mix (plus stuff to make the cake), one $0.99 large flower cookie cutter from Hobby Lobby, 1 tub of chocolate icing, one tub of vanilla icing, some orange food coloring, and a couple of icing bags and tips for decorating. I could have easily made the cake a single layer, but I chose to make it a double layer. More to make a mess with! Making this cake was really important to me because I want to establish the tradition of always making special birthday cakes for my children.

 Isn't he cute?
#2. The cupcakes: Thanks to Aunt Brit, while Silas was enjoying his lion cake, everyone else was enjoying lion and monkey cupcakes! Brit did such a great job with these! Thanks, Aunt Brit!
I love these monkeys!
#3. The decor: Since we had the birthday party at the park, there wasn't much decor. There were three helium balloons to mark our location and a homemade birthday banner. Hobby Lobby is awesome. I wish I had more time for crafty things.  Thanks, Aunt Sara, for helping me with this project! Supplies: red cardstock paper, 3 different kinds of patterned sheets of paper to match, 2 packs of cardboard letters, ribbon, and glue. I plan on using this banner for future parties!
#4. The Location: The park! Silas LOVES to be outside! And the day was absolutely GORGEOUS! A true gift from God. He had so much fun running around, swinging, and sliding. Below is Silas headed to the playground with his balloons.
 Playing with Papa
#5. The Food: Thanks to my Mom we also enjoyed yummy hotdogs with chili! Everyone went home with a full belly! Thanks, Mom!

I think that covers the prep. Be looking for the cake eating and present opening pics soon! 


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