Feb 20, 2010

One year ago...

One year ago today a special little boy entered our world. Four days past his anticipated due date. After countless laps around NOBTS and an afternoon of bouncing on an exercise ball, my little man-child finally got the hint! (Can we say strong-willed?) And 12 hours—12 long, painful hours—later, Silas Benjamin Celestin was plopped into his Mama’s arms for the first time. The arms of inexperience. His first cries were quick to remind me: Instruction Manual Not Included. And one year later, I’m still reminded daily, maybe even hourly: Instruction Manual Not Included. 

But, oh the joy of learning little Silas Benjamin! And the greater joy of learning God through little Silas Benjamin. I’m fully convinced that the fast track to holiness starts with the addition of your first child. It’s true. Suddenly the word “selfless” takes on a whole new meaning. And it’s hard. And you mess up. But there’s no turning back. So you try again. And you trust God.

Reflecting on this past year is quite overwhelming. I could sit and type for hours about the struggles of early motherhood. But I’m not. Because today I choose to celebrate. I choose to remember God’s never-ending, unconditional love and bow my knee in humble praise and thanksgiving for the gift of a child. A son. For the love of a husband. For the support of an extended family. For the opportunity to grow in Christ. For the promise that the future is in HIS hands…

…For a day like today. 

Happy Birthday, Silas!
Mama loves you so much!

P.S. More pics to come!


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