Jul 13, 2010

VBS - Day 2...

...started at 6..SIX.. AM... in the MORNING. The two older kids woke up early to start they're fun-filled day. Kevin says it's just excitement about being in a new place. Maybe so. We sent them downstairs to watch cartoons while we tried to get in a few extra zZzZ, but their little tummies were growling for food about 7. The funny thing is that Silas slept 'til past 8, which rarely ever happens! Anyway, why am I talking about sleep? or lack thereof :)

Sleep aside, we had a great day. Having two extra older kids at home really isn't as hard as I anticipated. Silas loves the company, and I'm freed up to get more done around the house. Plus, the kids have been really well-behaved and helpful around the house. So far still so good :) Here are some pics from our day...
Making Fruit Kabobs to go with our ham and cheese sandwiches (Silas was napping, of course).
The finished product with yummy fruit dip
After Silas' nap we went to the pool to work off some energy.
Silas prefers collecting rocks over swimming. His friend Gracie was helping him.

Silas showing off his rock collection
Came home for baths and dinner- chicken quesadillas with corn and black beans (Note: This meal was a huge hit with the kiddies. Recipe recommended. I let the chicken cook in the slow cooker all day and threw the quesadillas together in a flash this afternoon).
Then off to VBS- Saddle Ridge Ranch!
Silas and I followed the Kindergartners around. Here's Silas during song time- one of his favorite activities.
Then off to see our campfire cooks for some cornbread and beans.
And finally, time to watch Dad get dunked in the dunking booth!
And now... Time for bed!

Until Tomorrow,


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