Oct 5, 2010

10 Week Update

How Far Along: 10 Weeks

Size of Baby: BC is the size of a kumquat

Gender:We'll know in 10 more weeks!

Symptoms: I'm still dealing with nausea, but it's definitely eased up a little. I had about 4 really good days last week, which was a huge blessing. I've been faithful to take my supplements, and I seem to have a tad bit more energy. My digestive track has practically gone on strike though, which was my experience with my previous pregnancy. I believe this is one of the main contributors to my nausea so I'm working really hard to get things moving in there!

Cravings: This week I've been eating more fruit and veggies. I've been craving more fresh foods, especially when I'm feeling nauseated. Plus, I can't afford the extra calories from all those salty chips! Water is still a problem so I'm consuming mostly carbonated drinks- not the healthiest, but the only thing I can tolerate at this point. Basically I have to evaluate everything I put in my mouth because there are consequences to pay if I make the wrong choice.

Last Week's Highlights: Well, like I said, I had about four really good days last week, which was wonderful. Also, Kevin and I enjoyed a night out with friends last weekend while Silas visited with his Mimi and Pop. It was nice to get out, but I always miss my little guy when I'm away from him. When I picked Silas up from his Mimi's house the next day he said "Mama, missed you." It was priceless. Moments like that make it all worth it.
Oh yeah, and how could I forget to mention that I got to drink my first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season?! It was every bit as good as I remember it last year! Looking forward to my next one *smile*


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