Apr 17, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend our family was invited to enjoy a little R&R at a camp in North Louisiana. A sweet family from our church welcomed us into their home away from home to unplug and explore the great outdoors. They have a cute little camp set back in the hills of North Louisiana. It's surrounded by water for fishing and trails for 4-wheeling. As you can imagine, my three boys couldn't have been happier. 

The boys spent much of their time exploring the trails on the 4-wheeler.

Silas was excited about the giant dirt hill.

Heading out to check the trout lines.

Running home after their fishing trip.

Skinning the fish for dinner.

A camper's feast

We went for a family ride, Kevin and Liam on one 4-wheeler and Silas and I on another. Kevin commented on how adventurous I was over the weekend, a trait I've been trying to cultivate since birthing two rambunctious boys. I have a feeling this is the first of many adventures to come!

Liam enjoying the ride.

Silas soaking it all in.

One thing about the sweet family we stayed with, they love their coffee! I enjoyed many cups while swinging out on the porch swing chasing after Liam to make sure he didn't eat dirt or rocks, climb up the stairs, fall off the porch, knock over the wood pile, or get run over by a 4-wheeler.

Silas had a little bow and arrow practice with his friend Linda.

Lovin' him some dirt

A game of hopscotch

See what I mean about Liam?

But it's all worth it.

We are so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience with such a hospitable family. With two little ones, it's hard to actually feel relaxed, but I can honestly say I was able to relax this weekend. There were plenty of hands to share responsibilities and keep little ones occupied. We even took a family nap one afternoon, all four of us snuggled up in one bed. Such sweet memories.

Looking forward to our next adventure,


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