Jan 28, 2013

It's Summertime Somewhere

Today wasn't the Monday we're used to around here, but it was the beginning of the new normal. We're used to Kevin being off on Mondays, but he has switched his day off, so what used to be a family day will now be a hang out/catch up day for the boys and I.

My day officially started with eggs and toast.

The boys and I spent almost all day outside. 
We pretended like we were on the Global Wildlife Tour. I was lucky to have two really cute tour guides.

Then Silas decided to take us on a tour of "Lizard Land." I had never heard of it, nor did it sound tempting. But I played along.
Look at all those lizards! *wink*
Next up, Silas gave the 'ole police car a good cleaning.

Liam had other ideas about how to use the water...
Like standing in it, for instance.
Here's the part in the blog post where I could be dubbed the worse mom or the greatest mom, depending on your conviction about swimming in January. 
It was 78 degrees, people. And I figure, it's summer somewhere on the planet, right?
He had a blast.
I ate hot soup while he swam. The irony.
During nap time/quiet time I got a grocery list completed. And had some baked cheetos.
When Liam woke up he had some yogurt, and I had some pudding. Oh yeah, and I had a piece of Melissa & Doug cake courtesy of Silas. He takes care of me.
After a quick snack we headed outside again. I did lots of outdoor cleaning (Kevin joined me when he came in), and the boys played well together *swoon*
I made a quick dinner of baked tilapia, easy fried rice, and steamed broccoli.
After dinner Kevin played with the boys, and I hit up the grocery store. 
While I was at the grocery store I found a couple of things that I just absolutely needed to try- blueberry pomegranate iced tea by Lipton and a dark chocolate coconut bar by Kashi. Both get two thumbs up! The tea was 4 points for the entire bottle, but I only drank half. It was super refreshing. And the Kashi bar was 3 points, and worth every bite! I figured with such a low cal dinner, I deserved a good snack before bedtime.
I'm sipping sleepy time tea now and hoping it kicks in soon. I've been up every night with Silas the last few nights due to a nasty nighttime cough. We said extra prayers regarding that during prayer time tonight. We could both use a good night's sleep. And with that said, I better get started on that.



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