Feb 1, 2013

Learning at the Library

Although I've never publicly announced it on the blog, many who are close to us know that we are going to give homeschooling a go when Silas is ready for kindergarten.
 A few months ago, I wrote about my struggle with the decision to send or not to send Silas to preschool this year. After the Lord confirmed my decision not to send Silas to preschool, He began giving me more of a peace about homeschooling as a long term option for our family. Kevin and I continue to pray through the decision, and we are certain that we will give it a whirl unless God says otherwise. I hope to write more on this topic later. 

In the meantime, people ask me frequently if Silas will be starting Kindergarten this Fall. I suppose it's due to his early language and cognitive development. I admit, even I think he's older than he is most days! But the fact is, he is still only three... for 19 more days at least! And I'm gonna soak up those nineteen days like a sponge because he'll never be three again! 

Of course, I want to be a good steward of his little mind regardless of his age. But I don't want to push him into "formal academia" earlier than he needs to be. I hold to the philosophy that kids learn tons through play, and I also believe that learning for a preschooler can and should be fun. We've tried some more organized learning in the past, but as of late, I've found the most success in using everyday experiences as learning opportunities. 

As of a few months ago, the boys and I would go to the library every Tuesday for story time. Silas eventually outgrew the age group, and Liam just didn't seem interested. But we still wanted to make Tuesday our library day, so we've since been using it to create our own fun learning adventure.

The boys are learning how to borrow and return books. Silas knows how to use a library card, and Liam especially likes putting the books into the return slot.

We always find fun coloring pages at the front desk. Liam usually explores the buckets of books for toddlers while Silas colors. I make my way back and forth between the two boys.

Silas has really been enjoying the library computers that are set up just for kids. He's learning how to use a mouse and how to navigate the games and learning activities.

While Silas works on the computer, Liam and I share some quality time over books. He finds a book, backs his little bottom up into my lap, and prompts me to read.

We love using the library as a resource to aid learning, as well as to give us a little change of scenery during the week. I'm sure we'll be visiting more and more often as the boys begin formal schooling. Until then I'll enjoy these informal learning adventures with my babes.



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