Feb 5, 2013

My Handy (not really) Helper

Once upon a time, the Lord looked down upon me and saw that I needed a little excitement in my life.
So he graced me with Liam.

Words just won't do when trying to explain life with my little destroyer go-getter, so I've assembled a collection of pictures that will give you a glimpse into our world. 
Keep in mind, this is only a tiny snippet of life with Liam. For every moment that I actually got a picture there are 10 more moments that I had to either put down the camera to save Liam's life or give myself a "mommy timeout" to save my children from seeing me have an all-out mental breakdown. 
 Here we go...
Wagon rides used to be easy until Liam figured out that he could jump out of one while still in motion.
When I don't hear Liam, I know without a doubt that something is up.
For instance, he likes to eat tissue paper in hiding.
   His love for tissue paper goes beyond just eating it, of course. He likes to watch entire rolls of it slowly sink into the toilet.
Watching Mommy dig it out is an added bonus.
Liam has also figured out that he can become taller if he stands on something. He knows where every stool in the house is, and he uses that knowledge to his advantage.
Like when he wants something from the pantry.
 It was really fun the day he opened a bag of spaghetti noodles and poured them all out onto the floor.
So we outsmarted him (for about 2 minutes) and put all the stools in the house out of his reach...
Including bar stools... 
But nothing stops Liam. He will find a way.
It's just too cool to watch the water and ice from the refrigerator door spill out onto the floor.
I guess I shouldn't complain though.
 He does his fair share of helping around the house.
He unloads the dishwasher for me.

And picks up all the plastic ware.
And he has clued me on on his favorite hiding spot.
So if something is missing, I know it'll probably be in the broiler.
(God help me the day I forget to check the broiler before turning it on.)
Liam also helps to feed each family member. That includes myself...
And, of course, Elmo.
Thank God he's cute.
(I mean, seriously, could he be any cuter?)
And thank God he still naps.
Because I don't know if I could survive his childhood otherwise.
I love you, Liam.



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