Feb 15, 2013

Insta-Friday (2-15-13)

I'm linking up with Life Rearranged today to share my week in photos!
Last Saturday Silas was invited to a birthday party at a putt putt golf course. It was his first time playing, and he really enjoyed it!
I would have enjoyed it to had I not been chasing after my future rock climber. He preferred the rocky terrain off the golf course much more than the green turf on the golf course. Not surprising.
Saturday night Silas wanted to practice his cutting and folding skills so we buried ourselves in paper for about an hour.
 We had fun playing with our paper creations.
 Silas was so proud of his progress.
I had to snap a quick picture of Liam watching me fix me fix my hair on Sunday morning. He grabbed his own brush to copy Mama's every move. So cute. 
 My in-laws came to town Monday evening, so Kevin and I were freed up for an early Valentine's date. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant, ZEA. And afterwards Kevin suggested getting something tasty to drink...
...and then getting a pedicure together! I'm one lucky lady.
 Somehow I didn't take any pictures on Tuesday. Liam must have been on his game that day. It's all a blur now.

The highlight of my Wednesday was, of course, this humongous sandwich I made myself for lunch for only 5 Weight Watcher Points Plus! Whoop whoop!
Thursday (Valentine's Day) I set out to make special heart-shaped pancakes for the boys. It was a complete failure, but my Facebook friends set me straight and gave me great tips for next year! Thanks, y'all!
(I guess that's what I get for forgoing the homemade cinnamon rolls this year.)
I redeemed myself by taking the boys to the local library for storytime and a Valentine's Day treat exchange.
The boys enjoyed putting candy in each of the other children's boxes.
Of course, 0.2 seconds into the deal Liam was already distracted.
Silas was happy to bring home a great big bag of candy.
Liam found his true love.
Mimi & Pop Joe sent special treats in the mail. Liam was working several pieces of candy all at once. Thanks again, Mimi & Pop Joe!
My true love gifted me with three of my favorites. He's a keeper.
Today (Friday) I went shopping for Silas' birthday gifts. He's all about ninja turtles right now.
This evening we all needed a little fresh air, especially since Liam refused a nap today. A family bike/scooter ride was just what the doctor ordered.

How was your week?



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