May 16, 2014

BC#3 Week 7 Pregnancy Update

How Far Along: 7+ Weeks

Symptoms: So far the nausea has been minimal, and I haven't thrown up at all. When my stomach starts feeling uneasy, usually putting some food in it will settle it-- of course, it has to be the right food, namely anything I'm craving at the time. God has been so good to me, and I am so grateful for all the prayers that have been going up on my behalf! I also believe that the unisom + B6 combo has helped significantly. After doing some research, I started the combo even before I found out I was pregnant, and haven't skipped a dose since. I take 1/2 Unisom Sleep Tab (doxylamine) + 50 mgs. of B6 every night, along with my prenatal vitamin and a calcium/magnesium supplement. I've since discovered that the unisom + B6 combo is now prescribed in a pill call Diclegis, which my gynecologist prescribed. That being said, although I feel comfortable taking this combo, each woman needs to make her own informed decision (with the help of her doctor!) about what medications/supplements to take during pregnancy. 
I've also been using essential oils (peppermint or lavender) to soothe me when I start feeling queasy (usually in the evening). And, of course, my best friends are my sea bands, which I've worn a few times to help ease a little waves of nausea here and there. They may not be the best fashion statement, but they sure do help!

This pregnant woman's best friend- Sea Bands!
Other random things I keep on hand to calm my queasy stomach are peppermints, minty gum, and Jolly Ranchers. 

In other symptom news, I've been really tired, especially in the early afternoons and then again in the early evenings. In the afternoons I try to sit with the boys and watch a movie just to rest, and in the evenings Kevin had been handling the evening routine with the boys so that I can head to bed early. This has been a huge blessing for me, allowing me to get lots of much-needed rest. Another symptom that I'm experiencing earlier this time around has been round ligament pain, especially when I sneeze or cough. I guess my uterus knows the drill and is getting to work right away.

Cravings: Sadly, I can pretty much eat french fries or chips any time of day - ha! I drove through McDonald's late last week just for french fries because that's the only thing that seemed appealing! On a healthier note, I've also been craving fresh fruit like watermelon and apples. So far I've been able to drink lots water, which I hope continues because at some point during my pregnancies with Silas and Liam I couldn't drink water without throwing up. 

I successfully ate a whole watermelon by myself within a week's time.

Aversions: I've definitely had more aversions than cravings so far. One day I ate lots of cheese crackers, and the next I couldn't even look at the box without cringing. One morning I had eggs, and the next morning the only thing I could tolerate was dry Kashi whole grain flakes! Even coffee has been hit or miss, which is strange for this three-cup-a-day girl. It's so interesting to me how  much a woman's taste buds are affected by hormones!

Headed out the door with my box of Kashi cereal
 Nesting: I haven't really done much yet, but my wheels are turning as to what need to be done to accommodate a new little one in our home. My biggest goal is to convert my office space (aka woman cave) into a nursery, which means moving lots of things around and getting rid of lots of things. Our church is having a garage giveaway this Fall, so that has been motivating me to start decluttering around here. 

Last Week's Highlight: Silas' closing ceremony for Classical Conversations! Silas' tutor game each student a character trait that they had displayed throughout the year, and Silas' trait was "eagerness." I am so proud of my eager beaver and all his hard work this year. Homeschooling will look a little different for us next year with a new baby on board, which I'll be sharing more about later on. For now, we're just happy to enjoy our summer months!

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