May 25, 2014

BC#3 Week 8 Pregnancy Update

How Far Along: 8 Weeks 5 Days

Symptoms: I'll let this picture do all the explaining...

Exhaustion. But I'll take fatigue any day over nausea. I still haven't had a face-to-face encounter with the toilet, which I'm grateful for every. single. day. I've had a few lingering waves of nausea here and there, but those moments are easily manageable and nothing compared to what I was used to dealing with during my previous pregnancies. 

Soooooo, lack of nausea means more of an appetite to deal with. And frequent snacking seems to relieve a queasy stomach. Factor in that I'm already having round ligament pain and sore hips (hello, third pregnancy), and we have quite the equation. Let's do the math: Bigger Appetite + Frequent Snacking (not always healthy) + Early Uterus Growth = Tighter Pants. And it all kinda caught up to me this week. It was a little alarming since I'm used to losing weight in the first trimester. The steady weight gain has definitely been different experience. Thankfully, my Facebook mommy friends assured me that all this belly popping is perfectly normal, especially for a third pregnancy. So until I can get my hands on a Bella band, I'm rigging my pants with rubber bands. I did pull down my box of maternity clothes from the attic this week, but most of my stuff is winter wear, so I'll be shopping for summer maternity clothes very soon. 

Cravings: Pictures. They explain it all. 

One word words: Chips.
I'm balancing out the chip craving with something a little healthier... my favorite summer refresher: the Pretty-in-Pink Slushie Drink. It contains watermelon, which I can't seem to get enough of these days. 
I've also had more of a sweet tooth this time around. Cake. Bring it on. Cookies. I'll take Oreo.

Aversions: Coffee is still mostly an aversion. Also, Cheese Nips. Strange, but true. And I can't stand the smell of my pantry. It's the weirdest thing. I keep wanting to clean it out and wipe down all the shelves with good-smelling cleaning spray to see if that helps, but I just haven't had the energy yet. 

Nesting: I'm on a mission to declutter our house. I've already donated several boxes of stuff to our church's garage giveaway and plan to continue. But let's be real, if I have the energy to load the dishwasher everyday I'm doing well. 

Last Week's Highlight: We wrapped up another year of AWANA at FBC Lockport. I've been blessed to work with the Cubbies (pre-k3 through pre-k4) for the past couple of years, Silas included. Silas successfully completed the Cubbie Scripture memory program this Spring and will be moving up to Sparks in the Fall. Liam (mommy's sidekick) will "officially" be entering the Cubbie program in the Fall. I say "officially" because although he wasn't old enough to be a registered Cubbie he was always with me in class and participated in nearly everything the Cubbies did. I appreciate of all the Cubbie helpers, including Mrs. Aleshia who worked closely with Silas and always included Liam even though he wasn't an "official" Cubbie. We're looking forward to starting up again in the Fall.  

Liam, Mikey (Mrs. Aleshia's son), Mrs. Aleshia, and Silas. Silas & Mikey showing off their trophies and ribbons. Both boys will be moving up to Sparks in the Fall.  
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